Crack PITTS Mini, Orange.

Crack PITTS Mini, Orange.

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360,00 DKK

Crack PITTS Mini EPP model, Orange.

Model/Varenr.: M03
Lagerstatus: Ikke på lager

Lavet i 6mm EPP for lav vægt til indendørs flyvning.

Spændevidde: 560 mm
Længde: 60 mm
Flyvevægt fra: ca. 80 gram

Servoer: 2 stk. 3,5 gram, 1 stk. 6 gram.
Batteri: 2 cellet LiPo på ca. 250mAh.
Motorforslag: Dualsky XM2202RTR-24 børsteløs motor.
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Crack PITTS „MINI series“
Made in cooperation RC Factory and Twisted Hobbys

The Crack Mini Pitts is our new favorite high performance 3D aerobatic EPP biplane that pushes all the limits. The new mini evolved from our quest for a smaller ultra high-performance biplane that can literally be flown just about anywhere and also to ameliorate upon the already over top performing larger Crack Pitts model.
Extensive amounts of testing went into achieving desired amounts of wing loading, power to weight ratios and also new airframe construction. Coming from its larger brother we capitalized and exaggerated those design features to make a smaller plane that will really outperforms.
All these highlights results in the most extreme 3d EPP Mini Biplane model for indoors or even in your own backyard!



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