OS 120 AX 2-takt Metanolmotor, 20,0ccm med lyddæmper.

OS 120 AX 2-takt Metanolmotor, 20,0ccm med lyddæmper.

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Model/Varenr.: OS19210
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Admit it: if you could ratchet up horsepower without having to increase the mounting space, you’d probably jump at the chance. Well, here it is. The 120AX boasts 25% more displacement than a .91 — and bolts into the same space, with almost no extra weight. And that’s not all. The 120AX’s innovative Power Box muffler offers mounting versatility that translates into value. Plus, the angled heat sink head not only looks sharp, it adds more surface area, for better cooling. Here’s a golden opportunity to boost your airplane's flying capabilities — with almost no modification! Perfect for 3D, precision and sport flying!

Prop Range    15 x 10-12 or 16x8-10

RPM Range    1,800 - 9,500 RPM

Cylinders    Single

Muffler Weight    219.2g w/90 deg adapter installed, 7.9 oz (245 g) w/extension installed

Power Type    Glow

Plug Type    O.S. #8

Stroke    1.083" (27.5mm)

Displacement    1.218 cu in (19.96 cc)

Engine (Only) Weight    592g

Bore    1.197" (30 mm)