Hubsan X4 Storm racing drone.

Hubsan X4 Storm racing drone.

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Model/Varenr.: HUB122D
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HUBSAN H122D X4 STORM (uden FPV sæt)

The Hubsan H122D X4 STORM is a whole new bread of racing drone for the ever more popular Drone FPV racing scene. The X4 Storm is capable of breathtaking speeds and a more immersive flight experience, than ever before seen in a HUBSAN drone. This new racer will get you out flying in seconds, and get the adrenaline pumping, as this comes all setup, assembled and ready for race.

The X4 STORM racer is great, both for entry level beginners just coming into the sport, and experts racers that will enjoy the Sport mode taking full advantage of the oversized high-performance motors, and the 710 mAh 2S 7,4v 30C LiPo Battery Pack capable of delivering a very nice punch and throttle response. With the introduction of 2 Flight Modes; Normal and Sport, the Hubsan X4 STORM will suit any flight style, and experience level. The 130 mm Carbon Fiber Frame is build very solid and almost impossible to break even in the hardest of crashes. The X4 STORM comes equipped already build and ready to fly straight out of the box, with integrated HD on board video recorder to SD card* for stunning video and photo shooting, during adrenaline pumping races against fellow Racers, or just nice smooth Freestyle flying capturing the best moments, or to record your best laps during practice flights to share with your friends, family and fellow racers on YouTube and on social media platforms.

The Build in VTX is compatible with most aftermarket FPV googles and receivers supporting the most common 5.8 Ghz Video Transmission frequencies. The Racing Drone FPV edition even features an FPV Screen along with a Headset enabling you to immerse yourself right into the world of FPV racing with no further items required, all** is included in the box to get you started.

The H122D X4 STORM comes in 2 different versions:

The Racing Drone Version includes RTF Drone and Transmitter, 2S 710 mAh 30C LiPo battery and USB charger, everything you need to fly your drone, line of sight or with your own favorite googles, monitors or headset. The X4 STORM is compatible with popular brands such as Fatshark.

The H122D X4 STORM FPV PACK edition comes with the additional included FPV Hubsan monitor and Headset for an even more Immersive flight experience.

Key Features Includes:

720P HD Camera

360 Fills & rolls

Real time FPV

2.4hz RC Control series

5.8Ghz Video Transmission

Max Flight Time 6 Minutes

Size- 130mm x 130mm diagonal

Battery- 7.4V 710mAh Li-Po

Charging Time - 150 minutes

Distance- 200 meters

Built-in HD Camera 720P

FPV: Real Time Photo/Video Transmission

Compatible with Fatshark

Build-In Lost Plane Alarm

Build-in Front LED can be controlled from transmitter

Build-in LiPo Battery protection circuit.

*SD Card is not included and must be purchased separately for the Video and Photo recording feature to be used…

**Requires the purchase of 4 AAA batteries for the transmitter.

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