Jeti MSpeed 450 EX telemetri sensor

Jeti MSpeed 450 EX telemetri sensor

755,00 DKK

Jeti MSpeed 450 EX telemetri sensor op til 450 km/t.

Model/Varenr.: JEX-MS-450
Lagerstatus: 1 på lager

Fartmåler sensor op til 450 km/t.

Dimensioner: 22x25x13 mm
Pitot rør dimension: 54x3 mm
Vægt: 21 gram
Måleområde: 20 til 450 km/t
Nøjagtighed: 10 km/t

MSPEED EX is a sensor which measures the speed of a flying model through the air to provide the indicated airspeed (IAS). The reporting of airspeed can be very instructive with regard to the control of a flying model, for example allowing the pilot to determine the model´s stall speed and set an alarm to indicate when the model falls below this speed.

Another function of the sensor is to allow the pilot to set a desired speed and a step above or below this speed at which an acoustic signal should be sounded by the transmitter module. To facilitate easier reading of the indicated airspeed, a bar graph is displayed, marking the appropriate configured steps. The measurement of airspeed is based on the principle of change in dynamic pressure, measured by a Pitot tube, which is connected by silicon tubing. With the help of the wireless Duplex system, this sensor information can be reported to the pilot in realtime, allowing immediate feedback in airspeed changes and a deviations from the configured steps.

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