Jeti MULI 6S EX telemetri sensor

Jeti MULI 6S EX telemetri sensor

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Jeti MULI 6S EX telemetri sensor.

Model/Varenr.: JEX-MULI6S
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Weight [g] 6
Dimensions [mm] 36 x 20 x 5
Operational temperature [°C] -10 ... 85
Supply Voltage [V] 3,5 ... 8,4
Average Current [mA] 9
Range of measured voltage [V] 0 ... 4,4

MULi 6S EX is a sensor for checking voltage of Li-XX batteries that checks the voltage by service connector of every single cell. It allows you to check the voltage up to 6 Li-XX cells.

You can check voltage of every single cell, store its history (maximum, minimum), total voltage of the whole battery, and the sensor can also give notice of exceeding selected parameters. Data from the sensor are transferred via DUPLEX system.

DUPLEX system uses 2,4GHz for communication that allows you to transfer data not only to the model, but also back from the model to the transmitter. Telemetric data are transferred real-time and the data can be viewed on the LCD of JETIBOX.

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